Born Global: BEYOND RESILIENCE was barely on the market when inquiries from Dubai, Madrid and New York started coming in. Right at the start of the journey and even before the start of serial production, the popular BR hand mists already received Halal-certification for the Middle East market and conversations with the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) had already begun.

The name says it all: “Resilience” is defined as an elastic material which can bounce back to its original form and return to its normal state, even in tough times. Our mission with BEYOND RESILIENCE lies in the creation of a #SAFESPACE with natural resources, where safety meets health, beauty meets wellness, nature meets science and coherence meets strength. Through our philosophy we create a holistic WOW-Effect and trigger a harmonic ensemble between body, soul and nature. With our heart and roots in Austria, and an international vision, our love for people and nature represents our greatest inspiration. 

Just like the brand itself, our founder Angela Pernsteiner perfectly represents the brand by being just as innovative, diverse and contrast loving. The combination of being a cosmopolitan and a country-side resident, of wearing high heels and hoodies, and of accepting new challenges by showing extraordinary ambition is part of Pernsteiner’s daily agenda. Being a Forbes 30-Under-30 and “Rising Star” Boat-Builder awarded entrepreneur and powerful personality, her craving for continuous innovation and exploration of possibilities made her take the risk to jump from her yacht business into the ice-cold water and to add the luxury-cosmetic brand BEYOND RESILIENCE to her business portfolio.


The magic formula of these innovative biocide cosmetic products is as follows: “A handful of plants, a lot of creativity and science. Nothing else.” BEYOND RESILIENCE is the first purely plant-based hand cosmetic spray that uses the advantages of aromatherapy with positive effects on body, mind and soul; that kills enveloped viruses, bacteria and yeast in under 30 seconds, and that replaces the need of a hand cream by nourishing the hands with soothing ingredients such as pomegranate, aloe vera and avocado. The 3-in-1 WOW-Effect outperforms in dermatological tests with the grade “excellent”, is vegan, Halal-certified and attracts the eye with its noble glass-design. All hand mists combine care, disinfection and natural scents in one bottle, which surprises anew with every spray and stimulates the senses thanks to high-quality essential oils.

Apart from the popular lemongrass scent – dubbed “the freshness kick” – other exciting scent compositions such as rose, oud and cedar wood, peppermint or mandarin have recently been launched on the market, with oud scents clearly being the most popular not only amongst the Middle Eastern clients. Another important characteristic of BEYOND RESILIENCE Hand Mists is the fact that they are medical grade products and because of its outstanding test results (according to DIN EN 13727, EN 13624, EN 1500 und EN 14476) it may also be applied in the human medicine sector.

With the foundation of a BEYOND RESILIENCE distribution branch in Dubai, called SANY MIDDLE EAST, founder Angela Pernsteiner set another milestone and first benchmark for the speed of market entry by an agile, born global brand like BEYOND RESILIENCE. Considering the high popularity of BEYOND RESILIENCE Hand Mists in Dubai and the UAE only a few days after the foundation of SANY MIDDLE EAST and the launch of the new packaging design, you can be excited to discover the full Middle East product range also in Europe soon!

Additionally, the launch of the new BEYOND RESILIENCE product line UNISEX BODYCARE is highly anticipated. To give you a glimpse of our future bodycare products, we promise you a bodycare line with the most precious, nourishing and all-natural ingredients that you have not seen anywhere before.

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