Sugar Cravings: Explained and Solved!

What is a sugar craving?

A sugar craving is a strong urge to eat something sweet. Once the idea of a luscious snack enters the flow of thoughts, one can find it difficult to control themselves around food.

Why sugar craving is a subconscious habit?

Due to our survival mechanisms, our brains perceive sugar as beneficial and release vast amounts of dopamine when consuming sugary, high-calorie foods. Dopamine is a pleasure hormone, and pleasure is vastly associated with rewards – the primary motive for eating a sweet bite. A reward is a stimulus that drives an appetite to alter behaviour. Any object, event, or activity can be a reward if it elicits pleasurable feelings. Rewards typically serve as reinforcers. That is, they make us repeat behaviours that we perceive as good for our survival, even when they’re not. Thus, we subconsciously form a habit.

Why can overconsuming sugar lead to adverse outcomes?

First of all, sugar causes glucose levels to spike and plummet. Unbalanced blood sugar can leave us experiencing mood swings, fatigue, and headaches. It also contributes to cravings, which begins the cycle of false hunger. Next, sugar molecules contribute to wrinkles and sagging. After sugar hits our bloodstream, it attaches to proteins. The mix of these proteins with sugar causes the skin to lose elasticity and leads to premature ageing. Finally, according to USDA data, people who consume the most sugar have the lowest intakes of essential nutrients––especially vitamins A, C, B-12, and calcium.

The hidden reason for sugar cravings

We have already found that sugar cravings can appear in the form of a habit. For example, if our parents rewarded us with a treat for good behaviour, we may subconsciously reach for a cookie after a long workday or the main meal. However, that is not the only reason our body longs for sweet snacks. Often, cravings appear when our diet is lacking protein. Because protein and fats slow the release of sugar into our bloodstream, our blood sugar can rise and fall at an abnormal rate when we don’t consume enough of them. The result? Our body craves quick energy from sugar.

How to naturally decrease the glucose cravings?

To naturally decrease or even eliminate those sugar cravings, one should turn to products rich in protein. BEYOND RESILIENCE offers an innovative approach to enhancing one’s diet with proteins, minerals and vitamins. The Resilience Range has a wide variety of power snacks to satisfy those cravings while simultaneously enrich your body with nutritious elements. BEYOND RESILIENCE power formula not only triggers evening out the protein intake but also adding a source of beauty molecules such as collagen. Finding healthy, low-calorie and nutritious substitutes for added sugar is crucial for maintaining high energy levels and increasing performance. Challenge yourself to stay aware of the cravings and stay kind to your body by feeding it with healthy foods. Adding smart solutions to your diet, such as High-Performance products will allow you to stay fit, keep your diet well-balanced and stay ahead of the game!      

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