BEYOND RESILIENCE partners up with OPHARDT to bring cutting edge hygiene technology to Oktoberfest Dubai.

Oktoberfest Dubai is a superlative event that welcomes approximately one million visitors monthly. Together with Ophardt, BEYOND RESILIENCE will deliver an all-embracing technological sanitising system to efficiently serve the venue of 370,000 square meters of land (4 million square feet).

We commit to innovation and progress. Partnering with the most progressive sanitising establishment on the market is the standard we set for all our collaborations. When we look for a partner, not only we seek exceptional quality but also the global vision.

Prepare to evident the merge of Internet of things and bespoke sanitising liquid dispensers. It is undoubtfully know-how in the world of hygiene technology. While modular and flexible systems will ensure adaptability to the increased traffic on holidays and weekends, over-the-air updates will guarantee efficient usage of the sanitising liquid.

OPHARDT Hygiene Monitoring System® (OHMS)

With the OPHARDT Hygiene Monitoring System® (OHMS), hygiene professionals can access data on hand hygiene behaviour around the clock. The system consists of software and hardware that automatically record information on dispenser activation, including time, location, and volume of product dispensed. Continuous recording of data enables a comprehensive analysis, which supports improving dispenser infrastructure to ensure infection prevention tools are available where they are needed most.

While the OPHARDT software established an up-to-date technological solution, BEYOND RESILIENCE transformed the necessary hand-disinfection routine into an elevated wellness ritual. Every Oktoberfest guest will have an opportunity to experience the power of aromatherapy with the signature moisturising solution developed by BEYOND RESILIENCE in the renowned German labs.

To conclude, the quality bar for every partner is set above the Dubai skyline. A never-seen event welcoming millions of guests in the exotic, yet global spot shall offer nothing less than a remarkable experience. A unique symbiosis of OPHARDT technological approach and BEYOND RESILIENCE innovative formula is a one-of-a-kind partnership capable of delivering the extraordinary.

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