Saudi Kabsah recipe with high protein honey mustard protein balls

The low in calories, the mouth-watering recipe of the honey-mustard crisps is formulated to cut off the craving for unhealthy comfort foods that typically have adverse effects on one’s heath. Rich in Pea Protein, a natural source of all essential amino acids, Get A Crisp Mind supports the central nervous system and contributes to mental […]

High protein vegan lentil soup

Integrating protein-infused soups into one’s diet improves metabolism and daily performance.  Lentils are an inexpensive way of getting a wide variety of nutrients. Lentil seeds consist of 25% of protein, which makes them a brilliant meat substitute. They’re also a great source of iron, a mineral that is sometimes lacking in a vegetarian diet. INGREDIENTS […]

Sugar Cravings: Explained and Solved!

What is a sugar craving? A sugar craving is a strong urge to eat something sweet. Once the idea of a luscious snack enters the flow of thoughts, one can find it difficult to control themselves around food. Why sugar craving is a subconscious habit? Due to our survival mechanisms, our brains perceive sugar as […]

Nutraceuticals & Nutracosmetics – High Achievers’ Secret Weapon

Nutraceuticals & Nutracosmetics – High Achievers’ Secret Weapon Imagine waking up with glorious anticipation of the coming day, knowing that you are unbeatable, feeling so powerful that no circumstance could shatter your confidence. There is no problem you cannot resolve, no competitor you cannot outwit, no partner you cannot convince. Imagine being laser-focused to the […]


BEYOND RESILIENCE partners up with OPHARDT to bring cutting edge hygiene technology to Oktoberfest Dubai. Oktoberfest Dubai is a superlative event that welcomes approximately one million visitors monthly. Together with Ophardt, BEYOND RESILIENCE will deliver an all-embracing technological sanitising system to efficiently serve the venue of 370,000 square meters of land (4 million square feet). […]

The Forest Bathing Benefits within your reach

The Forest Bathing Benefits within your reach In 2009, Japanese scientists made a breakthrough discovery. Forest Bathing helps to prevent and cure different types of tumors. The study illustrates that exposure to essential wood oils increases the activity of our natural killer cells, which sequentially control the tumor cells. What is a Forest Bathing trip? […]

The Power of Aromatherapeutic Hand Mist

How will Aromatherapy’s ancient secrets help us sail through the hectic life of the 21st century? In the 21st century, finding #safespace amid the buzzing flow of life becomes the hurdle we face daily. The Sansara Wheel carries our focus away to the point where the day passes by without notice. We feel drained, unbalanced […]


THE BORN GLOBAL COSMETIC BRAND WITH ROOTS IN AUSTRIA BEYOND RESILIENCE ∞ Brand DNA Born Global: BEYOND RESILIENCE was barely on the market when inquiries from Dubai, Madrid and New York started coming in. Right at the start of the journey and even before the start of serial production, the popular BR hand mists already […]