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      Re-establishing the future of spiritual well-being

      With BEYOND RESILIENCE you’ll be working towards an unforgettable experience on every level and with all senses.

      Being in a safe and healthy environment is a new luxury for people. BEYOND RESILIENCE Mist for Hands delivers aromatherapy, cosmetics and disinfection in one bottle to the discerning clientele of luxury hotels, restaurants and VIP clientele, providing them a #safespace where they can recharge their batteries.

      The unprecedented pandemic has stimulated the global wellness movement and made the world rethink the way we live, consume and travel. Creating a multidimensional nature of wellness becomes key for luxury facilities that want to follow the all-time-high trend of consumed wellness services. The convenient combination of travel and wellness offers every guest a luxury visit that empowers them for a more resilient lifestyle and to bounce back to every day’s challenges.

      Being the bridge between the end customer’s spiritual soul and the sophisticated hospitality facility or hotel, BEYOND RESILIENCE aims to deliver physical and mental peace to people by highly innovative, multi-purpose products.

      Spas are considered as an additional revenue department in every sophisticated hotel. Integrating wellness products into various steps of a guest’s stay will infuse elements of wellness into luxury hotel’s offerings like F&B or guest room amenities to capture the travellers’ spending and generate additional revenue for the hotel, but also additional value for the guest.

      By offering BEYOND RESILIENCE multifunctional products in your hotel, spa or hospitality area, you can be sure that it will bring you to the forefront of hotels in your sector, not only in terms of additional revenue but also in terms of innovativeness and uniqueness. We provide you with ready-made kits for your customer’s morning or evening rituals, but also “Kick-it” packages that your guests can choose prior to their arrival. The housekeeping simply drops it in the room and the journey of rejuvenation, refocusing and relaxing can begin.

      While the incorporation of BEYOND RESILIENCE Collections is zero effort and zero deviation from your standard procedures, it comes with massive potential for additional revenue streams.

      Away from traditional mini-bar content: together we push the boundaries and completely re-furnish the room mini-bars with smart beauty and innovative health products. A wow-effect when opening the mini-bar in the room is guaranteed and your guests will not be able to resist the temptation of buying products of the collection to improve their wellbeing, to excel in performance and to make them more resilient.


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      The name stays it all: "Resilience” defines an elastic material that bounces back to its original form. We are constantly committed to deliver beyond average services and products to our Raffles guests. The Mist for Hands Collection will be available in the hotel's spa and in the in-room minibar, whereas our guests can enjoy a complimentary dose of nature on their hands upon their arrival, when they have their Turkish coffee in our lobby or during dinner in our restaurants. The innovative and true spirit of BEYOND RESILIENCE fits the Raffles luxury well-being philosophy perfectly.

      Christian Hirt General Manager, Raffles Istanbul