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      Founder & CEO of BEYOND RESILIENCE


      Angela Pernsteiner, the founder of BEYOND RESILIENCE, the Forbes 30 Under 30 listmaker and the winner of the renowned Boat Builder award as CEO of her second international brand, Dominator Yachts.

      The innovative entrepreneur Angela Pernsteiner is raised with fundamentals that make her one of the most innovative entrepreneurial personalities. She believes that the key is in finding balance. Between discipline and rest, rationality and emotions, challenges and simplifications.

      Resilience is in the DNA of Angela Pernsteiner. She believes in her own strengths while not relying on the environment, people or opinions. She has the calibre to navigate the challenges swiftly instead of letting challenges navigate her. The ability to thrive amid adversity is not only the core of her character but her business ventures.

      The idea of BEYOND RESILIENCE lies in all-embracing support of high-achievers and go-getters that share similar values with Angela. From superfoods and smart snacks to beauty shots or the aromatherapeutic range, every product is there to elevate the inner strength and keep pushing forward.